It is indispensable, to treat a headache, to know the cause. The etiologies of headaches are numerous, but any headache has a context: age, conditions of occurrence, symptoms and ...
Algies faciale

Facial algia

Facial pain is common and often affects the quality of life.One must know their semiology to detect their cause and adapt their treatment. A CRITICAL ACUTE ALGIA: There are two ...
Adénopathies cervicales

Cervical lymphadenopathy

The discovery of cervical lymphadenopathy is common in general practice.Most of the time it is a trivial diagnosis of reactive lymphadenopathy to an infectious complication. However, ...
Acrosyndrome vasculaire

Vascular acrosyndrome

Vascular acrosyndromes are circulatory manifestations localized to the cutaneous territories of the extremities, mainly the fingers. The clinical pictures are various, the causes ...
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