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Genital warts (Papillomavirus “HPV”)


Highly contagious genital infections caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).


Clinical signs:

– Genital warts (soft tumor, “cockscomb”) or flat warts (raised papules) painless and often multiple, with no sign.Usually localized lesions on the external genitals and the anus but rectum, vagina, cervix and urethra may be affected. In the absence of treatment, the lesions are multiplying. Complications are rare type of obstruction.

– Some types of HPV may lead to cancer of the cervix. A colposcopy is indicated and an annual Pap smear, in carriers of warts.


It is difficult and relapses are common.

– Local disinfection with chlorhexidine and cetrimide.

– Treatment of small warts genitalia, anus and vagina: preparations podophyllin.

• Protect the healthy skin with vaseline or zinc ointment.

• Apply carefully to 0.5% podophyllotoxin to warts only.

• Allow to dry. For vaginal warts, the application must be made by the medical staff. Allow to dry before removing the speculum.

• Apply 2 times / day. Repeat 3 consecutive days / week for up to 4 weeks


• Protect the healthy skin with vaseline or zinc ointment (a misbehaving treatment can cause painful ulcerations).

• Apply carefully podophyllum resin 10% or 25% (more caustic to be used by medical staff only).

• Allow to dry (for vaginal warts, allow to dry before removing the speculum).

• Wait 1-4 hours before washing with soap and water.

• Apply once / week.

• Consider an alternative in case of failure after 4 weeks of treatment.

Warning: podophyllin preparations are absolutely against-indicated in pregnant or lactating women. They should not be used for cervical, urethral, ​​rectal or extensive warts.

– Treatment of warts upper 3 cm or cervical warts, urethral and rectal: cryotherapy, electrocautery or surgical excision.

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