Amebiasis (serology)

The amebiasis is an intestinal parasitic disease in tropical and subtropical regions When diffuse to other organs than the intestine (liver, lung, etc.), anti-amebic antibodies are present in serum.


Venous blood clotted.

Amebiasis (serology)
Typical values:

• In immunofluorescence:
positive if> 1/100
• In hemagglutination:
positive if> 1/128


Hepatic amoebiasis:

Serological diagnosis of amebiasis is of great value in hepatic amoebiasis suspected before a large painful and feverish liver abscess and image on ultrasound. Serology is essential as Entamoeba histolytica is found here in the stool once in ten. The antibodies appear early. The decrease is a guarantee of healing, to rebound relapse sign.

Intestinal amoebiasis:

However amebiasis serology is of little help in intestinal amoebiasis because the antibody titer is never high when amebiasis remains confined to the intestinal mucosa. The diagnosis is based on the detection of mobile vegetative forms of E. histolytica in the examination of fresh stool.