Uric acid (urate) urine, urinary uric acid secretion

Typical values:

Uric acid
Uric acid

• Adults:
between 200 and 650 mg / 24 h (1.5 to 4 mmol / 24 h)
• In children:
from 0.2 to 2 mmol / 24 h


24-h urine (see Samples).


Gout and uric lithiasis:

A Hyperuricosuria> 800 mg / 24 h (4.8 mmol / 24 h) shows the formation of uric acid stones in the urine (approximately 10% of urinary stones are uric acid stones).
In gout, Hyperuricosuria is inconstant (third gouty only), and when present, more than urinary uric acid secretion, the urinary pH (permanently acid <6) which promotes the calculations.

Fanconi syndrome:

Hyperuricosuria is usual in the Fanconi syndrome children (idiopathic or as part of a cystinosis) and adult (toxic or associated with an abnormal immunoglobulin).
The uric acid is then normal.