Sunburn and Photodermatose

Sunburn and PhotodermatoseWarning:

• Importance of prophylaxis:

– Advise the use of sunscreen to all protection factor higher products that the subject is clear phototype or he stays in the mountains;

– Avoid sun exposure between 12 and 16 hours;

– The first exhibitions to be short-lived.

• If the intensity of erythema seems disproportionate to sun exposure, look for:

– Taking a photosensitizing drugs (tetracyclines, sulfonamides, phenothiazines, Meladinine, …);

– Application to the skin of a photosensitizing product (plants, phenothiazines, perfumes);

– A photo-exacerbated disease (lupus, albinism, vitiligo, specific genetic diseases).

Order No. 1: moderate erythema

BIAFINE [trolamine], to be applied several times a day to the lesions.

Special case of polymorphous light eruption:

– This is an itchy skin disease of the young woman occurring 2-4 days after prolonged sun exposure.

The lesions consist of small papules, erythematous not confluent, itchy, usually respecting the face.

Preventive treatment is based on taking PHENORO, of synthetic antimalarial or PUVA month before sun exposure.

Ordinance No. 2: polymorphous light eruption: cure

DIPROSONE [betamethasone] cream, or Locoid [17 micronized hydrocortisone butyrate] cream to be applied to the lesions one time daily for 4 days, followed by 1 time 2 days 4 days.