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Personality Disorders

Troubles de la personnalité

Troubles de la personnalité


* The égosyntonique character personality traits, while the symptoms are ego-dystonic, that is to say incongruous to me.

* The libidinal development that anxiety of the subject seems to have fixed preferentially determining a preferred method of the object (oral personality or greed reflects the anguish of missing; anal personality dominated by the need to control the Environment (loss anxiety symbolized by the sphincter relaxation); phallic personality organized around castration anxiety

* The histrionics is considered the central feature of the hysterical personality.

It corresponds to the desire to appear to capture the attention of others.

Hyperconformism feminine stereotype in force according to culture and time to slip into the desire of every man lived as a potential partner (eroticisation social relations). with theatrical game where feelings and emotions are expressed in an exaggerated manner.

* For psychoanalysts, the issue of histrionic lies in the castration anxiety, loss of power; while the dependent would be set more archaically the oral stage (lack of emotional anxiety, abundant).

* Obsessive Personality: clinical tripod “order, stubbornness economy” is for Freud to the resulting reaction formations against anal impulses; excitement that comes from the anal erogenous zone (commonplace in small children) will gradually provoke shame and disgust under the pressure of education; money is the classic symbol of feces.

* According to Freud, the paranoid character is a defense system against a latent homosexuality, that consciousness rejects as unacceptable; the shameful desires projected on others would give rise to feelings of persecution. For others it is the result of a failure of the primary narcissistic organization with a casting anal fixation at pregenital stage.

* Personality limits or borederline: neurotic pace (anxiety, instability) but defense mechanism and mode border psychotic-like decompensation.

* Narcissistic Personality: megalomania with self-overestimation; projective trend (the fault is rejected on the others).

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