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Some Psychiatric Notes


1- dysarthria tremor syndrome is seen during treatment with older antidepressants (amitriptyline, imipramine …)

2- The morbid rationalism cold thought, pseudologique, schizophrenia sign

3- Delirium has an organization sector: the delirium of passion

4- The initiation of a lithium salts by treatment first requires: cardiological examinations (risk of arrhythmias), kidney (renal elimination only) and thyroid tests (risk of hypothyroidism)

5- hysterical conversion: a tendency to body staging of unconscious psychic conflicts

6. Getting observation Office: may be made by the Attorney General or the wali; the assignment psychiatry may be made by the Attorney General

7- It is never stirring crisis characteristically in obsessional neurosis (rarely goes to the obsessive act).

8- stupor can be recovered in case of: emotional traumatic shock, melancholic access, confusion, catatonia

9- logorrhée is encountered in the following mental disorder: mania

10- Neuroleptic used in case of a hallucinatory delirium: Haloperidol (neuroleptic incisive)

11. Selective amnesia -> is in some hysterical necrosis

12. The test freination dexamethasone may provide diagnostic elements in the endogenous melancholy

13- The lithium salts are in principle against-indicated in case of: strict sodium diet (if désodée depletion, there is an increase of serum lithium levels)

14- parapraphrénie (which is accompanied by a delirious imagination) is a mental illness compatible with an adaptation to reality

15. Delusional access can occur in: manic-depressive psychosis, chronic alcoholism, schizophrenia, addictions;paranoia …

16. Benzodiazepines: indications; side effects …

17- paranoid delirium: it is a delusion poorly organized, hard to understand

18- The sulpiride side effects are mostly endocrine (hyperprolactinemia)

19- astasia-abasia is a symptom encountered in hysteria

20- clinical form of schizophrenia characterized by the presence of psychopathic behavior (antisocial): paranoid schizophrenia

21- danger indices in a delirious patient: imperative hallucination; nominal designation of the persecutor

22- The lacunar amnesia sees the waning confusional states

23- hallucinatory drugs: cannabis; LSD

24- The typical hysterical amnesia in is: selective amnesia

25- The dysmorphic disorder can occur: during the obsessional neurosis; in schizophrenia; can be observed in normal teenager

26- The fear of blushing in public is a social phobia

27- The Athymhormia is specific symptom: schizophrenia (emotional dissonance)

Delirium tremens 28-:

29- The language disorders in Alzheimer’s: lack of the word and wordy, jargonophasie, echolalia, logodonie

30- hallucinosis: analog sensory phenomenon hallucination, but the patient admits unreality and does not disrupt the subject’s personality

31- The oligophrénie is a state of congenital mental retardation (mental retardation)

32- Delirium tremens is often triggered by intercurrent infection, abrupt withdrawal from alcohol poisoning, surgery

33- The paranoid personality features: suspicion and susceptibility

34. Encopresis: voluntary retention of materials with 2nd time a so neurotic defecation (lived in anguish and guilt); is passive and immature; or perverse.

35- The restlessness can be seen in the following situations: functional and unfavorable educational environment;barbiturate treatment; child of normal intelligence; retarded child

36. During a manic state, the symptom which evoke a schizophrenic psychosis: the existence of auditory-verbal hallucination

37- The mental automatism syndrome occurs Clérambault From: paranoid schizophrenia; acute delirium; Chronic hallucinatory psychosis

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