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Chronic abdominal pain

It is abdominal pain that persists, repeats itself and become chronic outside of an emergency context. Irritable bowel or functional colopathy are the most common...

Acute abdominal pain of the child

Acute abdominal pathology in children is a common cause of admission to emergencies. Interrogation (of the child and his entourage) and a complete clinical examination...

Acute abdominal pain of the adult

Acute abdominal pain in adults is common. Their support still remains difficult today and source of error due to: - the multiplicity of etiologies: more than...
Douleurs abdominales aiguës

Acute abdominal pain

Acute abdominal pain in adults is one of the main reasons for emergency consultation, both among general in hospital emergencies. Acute abdominal pain in adults...

Lower abdominal pain in women

Lower abdominal pain in women should be suspected pelvic inflammatory disease (see pelvic inflammatory disease). A pelvic examination should be routinely performed: - Inspection of the...


Antibiotiques (dosage plasmatique)

Antibiotics (plasma assay)

quintes de toux

Whooping Cough




Congenital Myopathy