Traitement de l'insuffisance cardiaque

Treatment of heart failure in adults

With 120,000 new cases per year, heart failure (HF) has become a major public health problem, which is growing with the aging of the population. It is characterized by the presence ...


Palpitations match the abnormal perception of heartbeat, which usually are not seen. They are a frequent reason for consultation with the cardiologist. The challenge is to differentiate ...
Formule chimique de l'Amiodarone

Drug Actions ECG

1- cardiac drugs: A- Digitalis (impregnation): * PR Elongation * ST cup Aspect * Flattening or negativity of the T wave * A moderately increased amplitude U * QT shortening B- Quinidine: * ...
Potentiel d'action des cellules cardiaques non automatiques


1- Classification of Vaughan Williams: * Class I: sodium channel inhibitors (+ membrane stabilizing effect) – Ia: quinidine; disopyramide (Rythmodan) – Ib: lidocaine; phenytoin; ...
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