PSA (antigène prostatique spécifique)

PSA (prostate specific antigen)

Indications: The dosage of the circulating antigen secreted by prostate glandular cells can detect a cancer, to assess the stage to follow the change. Found in any other tissue, its ...
Antigène carcino-embryonnaire (ACE)

Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)

Indications: CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) has an identity with an antigen of the mucous colic embryo, from which it takes its name, and is associated with colorectal cancer. This ...
Antigène CA 125

CA 125 Antigen

Indications: This is not a diagnostic test, the purpose to review the monitoring of epithelial ovarian cancer. Principle: A monoclonal antibody allows to highlight an antigen not normally ...
Antigène CA 19.9

Antigen CA 19.9

Indications: CA 19.9 is a circulating antigen associated with gastrointestinal cancer, especially the pancreas and colon. Principle: This is detected in the serum antigen not normally ...
Antigène CA 15.3

Antigen CA 15.3

Indications: The blood test CA 15.3 is useful in the effective control of an antitumor treatment. Principle: Circulating antigen, CA 15-3 is associated with breast cancer: it is recognized ...

Cells involved in the immune response

A- Introduction: Most immune cells are hematopoietic d`origine. Hematopoiesis occurs in the bone marrow. Hematopoiesis is characterized by sequential stages of differentiation defined ...
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