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  • Hemoptysis


    Hemoptysis is a discharge of blood from the mouth, from the respiratory tree subglottic, usually during coughing. This is usually a medical emergency. It requires a rapid assessment of the quantity and respiratory repercussions among often carry a known lung disease patients. The most urgent need is to assess the importance of hemoptysis, which is…

  • Intra Pulmonary Opacities Round

    Intra Pulmonary Opacities Round

    * Pleural opacities have an obtuse angle connection with the chest wall in contrast to parenchymal opacities juxtapleurales that connect to an acute angle. * Opacities mediastinal their internal boundary coincides with the mediastinum and outer boundary connects gently sloping with it. * Multiple round opacities (drop ball) are usually metastases. * A doubling within…