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Flutter Auriculaire et Tachysystolie Auriculaire

Atrial Flutter and Atrial Tachysystole

ATRIAL FLUTTER: CLINICAL SIGNS: * none. * or asthenia and moderate dyspnea, palpitations or uncomfortable chest tightness. * or inaugural lipothymia or even syncope of Adams-Stokes. * paroxystic tachycardia, by access or permanent, regular at...
Fibrillation Auriculaire

Atrial Fibrillation

CLINICAL SIGNS: * irregular heartbeat more or less fast between 60 and 160 / min with variable amplitudes, permanent or paroxysmal. * no functional signs. * or asthenia and moderate dyspnea. * or...

Vitamin K antagonist

- The VKA act through competitive inhibition of hepatic synthesis of certain clotting factors vitamin K-dependent: prothrombin (II); proconvertin (VII); factor IX; Factor X...