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Bradycardie sinusale, Bloc Sino-auriculaire, Arrêt Sinusal

Sinus Bradycardia, Sinoatrial Block, Sinusal Arrest

BRADYCARDIE SINUSALE: CLINICAL SIGNS: * heart rate, regular , frequency less than 50 / min. * no functional signs, very rarely lipothymia. ETIOLOGY: * sinus bradycardia of sport or vagotonic subjects: the pace accelerates...
Bloc Auriculo-Ventriculaire

Atrioventricular Block

CLINICAL SIGNS: * none. * or slow pulse unmodified by exercise or fever for high degree block. * or feeling weak or lipothymia. * or syncope of Adams-Stokes . * or signs of left or global heart failure. * or...

ECG branch block

1- complete left bundle branch block: - The electrical impulses will go from right to left - QRS> 0.12 s (incomplete block -> 0.10 to 0.12) -...