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Candidoses cutanéo-muqueuses

Candidiasis Mucocutaneous

Warning: • The fungus Candida is a commensal gut but its presence in the mouth, vagina and on the skin is pathological. • Contributing factors are:...

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Abnormal vaginal discharge is defined as vaginal discharge color / odor / unusual consistency (p. ex. tinted, purulent, malodorous). It is often accompanied by vulvar itching...


Stomatitis is an inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth due to fungal, viral or bacterial in a vitamin deficiency, trauma, etc. Prolonged painful stomatitis...
Prurit anal

Anal itching

DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis of anal itching is evident in the questioning. We must use an etiology methodically, the essential pruritus is a diagnosis of exclusion. Common,...

Superficial Fungal Infections

Mild infections of the skin, hair and nails caused by fungi (Candida albicans and dermatophytes). Clinical features and treatment: Candidiasis: - E rythème infant diaper erythema anogenital...