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  • Cervical lymphadenopathy

    Cervical lymphadenopathy

    The discovery of cervical lymphadenopathy is common in general practice.Most of the time it is a trivial diagnosis of reactive lymphadenopathy to an infectious complication. However, the patient and doctor fear the malignant causes, either primitive: lymphoma or hodgkin, or secondary: metastatic lymphadenopathy. The question is centered on the initial assessment, to be carried out before the…

  • Spinal Pain (lumbar, dorsal, cervical)

    Spinal Pain (lumbar, dorsal, cervical)

    The diagnosis of spinal pain is particularly difficult because of the multitude of possible causes, some common to all levels of the spine, others specific to a given stage. This shows the importance of a diagnostic very systematic approach, based as much on clinical as imaging. DIAGNOSTIC: Physical examination: Examination: The precise examination: – The…