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  • Upper gastrointestinal bleeding

    Upper gastrointestinal bleeding

    The incidence of upper gastrointestinal bleeding is about 100 to 200 per 100 000 inhabitants, that is to say about 65 000 cases in France each year. These hemorrhages increase in frequency with age and overall mortality remains high in the order of 14%, slightly modified mortality despite advances in endoscopic techniques, 8 000 deaths…

  • Lower gastrointestinal bleeding

    Lower gastrointestinal bleeding

    The lower GI bleeding is defined as a bleeding induced by a lesion located beyond the ligament of Treitz.Externalization is therefore as melena or hematochezia according to etiology and abundance of bleeding. The origin of the bleeding is the colon in 90% of cases and is usually colonoscopy is the master examination for diagnosis. Bleeding…