Ulcère de jambe

Leg Ulcers

– Loss of dermoepidermal substance, chronic, common in tropical regions, from various causes: • vascular: venous-lymphatic insufficiency and / or blood, • Bacterial: leprosy, ...

Rickettsial eruptive

Eruptive fevers caused by bacteria of the genus Rickettsia transmitted to humans by an arthropod vector. There are 3 main groups: typhus, pimply and Far Eastern. Laboratory: Demonstration ...


Filariasis are tissue helminth infections caused by nematodes, wired. Human transmission takes place via an insect vector, during a sting. The major pathogenic species are shown in ...


* Tank: rodents; livestock (cattle); dog. Disposal -> urine. * Transmission can be direct rat bite (rare); Leptospira enter the body through wounds and erosions of the skin or mucous ...
Charbon cutané

Cutaneous Anthrax

– Toxic infection of herbivores due to Bacillus anthracis transmitted to humans by inoculation through the skin (contact with dead animals of coal, flies). Common in tropical ...
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