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  • Escherichia Coli

    Escherichia Coli

    Isolated for the first time by Escherich in 1885, is the Escherichia coli bacterial species that has been most studied by fundamentalists for physiology and genetics work. This bacterium has long been known as commensal and pathogenic digestive tube to the urinary tract. In recent decades, the role of certain categories of E. coli in…

  • Aeromonas – Plesiomonas

    Aeromonas – Plesiomonas

    Both types belong to the family Vibrionaceae whose general characteristics have been described in the previous chapter. THE GENDER AEROMONAS The pathogenicity of these bacteria in the family Vibrionaceae has long been underestimated. Infections are mostly waterborne. Aeromonas are Gram-negative bacilli, aero-anaerobic with a oxidase ferment glucose with or without gas, reducing nitrate to nitrite,…