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  • Facial algia

    Facial algia

    Facial pain is common and often affects the quality of life.One must know their semiology to detect their cause and adapt their treatment. A CRITICAL ACUTE ALGIA: There are two clinical pictures to distinguish. Vascular algebra of the face or “cluster headache”: It most often affects the young man, in the form of a very painful…

  • Cervicofacial traumatology in sports practice

    Cervicofacial traumatology in sports practice

    Introduction: The traumatology of the face and neck, in sports practice and especially for team sports, is more and more frequently observed. This increase is explained by the intensification of the physical preparation of sportsmen, amateur and of course professional, whose physical mass and speed imply increasingly violent and repeated contacts. The face and the neck…

  • Headaches and facial pains

    Headaches and facial pains

    Headache is a very common reason for medical consultation. Most often the cause is benign. Yet receive a patient Headache is always a problem, the range of causes is extremely broad, ranging from potentially very serious situations mundane and benign causes. So we must first, think of the serious causes that delays in diagnosis could…