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Fractures de l’extrémité supérieure du radius

Fractures of the upper end of the radius

Long-term follow-up (between 16 and 21 years) of displaced fractures of the radial neck in 5 patients treated by excision of the radial head. Acta...
Syndrome des Loges

Complicated fractures

1- Fat embolism: A- General: - Observed especially in case of fracture of the femoral shaft (> 2/3 of the causes of fat embolism) - More frequently...

Stem Cells to treat severe fractures

A clinical trial is launched at European level to test this innovative technique to replace the bone graft. Bone is the most frequently transplanted tissue...

Diaphyseal Fractures of the lower limb

By definition leg fracture tibia and fibula concern. Frequency is not correlated with the age and osteoporosis Cutaneous opening exists in 25% of cases Stress fractures occur...




Chest pains

Arthroscopie du genou

Knee Arthroscopy