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  • Haemophilus


    HISTORY: During the 1889-1892 influenza pandemic, Pfeiffer observed and cultured from sputum seized a small bacillus,Bacillus influenzae and made ​​the etiologic agent of “flu” or “influenza”; it showed the presence of blood necessary for the cultivation of this bacterium and invents blood agar. A few years earlier, in 1883 in Egypt by Koch in 1886…

  • Purulent Meningitis

    Purulent Meningitis

    – Newborn: Escherichia coli (40%); Strep B; Listeria – Children <6 years: Haemophilus influenzae; meningitis; pneumococcus – Adult and E> 6 years: meningococcal; pneumococcus – Subject> 50: meningococcal; pneumococcal; Listeria; BGN. * Antibiotics that cross the brain barrier are cephalosporins; aminopenicillins; penicillin G; the phenicols and sulfonamides. * If asplenia (splenectomy, sickle cell anemia), two…