Néphropathies héréditaires

Hereditary nephropathies

AUTOSOMIC RENAL POLYKYSTOSIS DOMINANT: Characterized by renal cysts possibly associated with liver cysts and cardiovascular abnormalities, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease ...
Introduction aux maladies rénales héréditaires

Introduction to hereditary kidney diseases

Introduction: For about two decades, the spectrum of hereditary nephropathies, the emergence and practice of “nephrogenetics” have evolved considerably. Clinical interest ...
Anomalies héréditaires des transports tubulaires

Hereditary anomalies of tubular transport

Introduction: The improvement of our knowledge of the functioning of the renal tubules, the identification of the transporters expressed in the different tubular segments and the appearance ...


Telangiectasia are expansions of the superficial dermis vessels. If they are usually benign, they may nevertheless reveal a general disease that will require thinking, scleroderma ...
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