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Scoliose idiopathique

Scoliosis: Clinical and Therapeutic Point of View

1- Definition: Scoliosis is a deviation of the spine that is always presented with a deformation in the frontal plane. However, X-rays and patient examination...


DIAGNOSIS OF INSOMNIA: Long trivialized or minimized to the point of being absent from the reasons for consultation and medical examinations, insomnia nevertheless proves to...
L'achalasie (méga-œsophage idiopathique)


A- Knowing the definition of achalasia: The achalasia, etymologically failure to open the sphincter, is a primary esophageal motor disorder defined by an absence of...

Idiopathic Scoliosis

The backbone of the normal subject when standing, horizontal basin: - In the frontal plane, is projected along a rectilinear and vertical axis; - In the...

Epilepsy in children

1- idiopathic partial epilepsies: * Partial Epilepsy benign rolandic to climax - This is the most common childhood epilepsy between 3 and 13 years. Predominantly male....