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  • Red eye

    Red eye

    DIAGNOSTIC: The redness is part of the manifestations of many ocular pathologies, benign to threatening to vision. Precise analysis of the characteristics of a red eye and any associated elements equires an examination at the slit lamp. However, if circumstances delay access to a consultation in ophthalmology, semiological elements distinguish the main diagnostic guidelines. The…

  • Eye pain

    Eye pain

    It must first distinguish very acute eye pain. These are actually the same as those which are accompanied by a red eye and usually also a decrease in visual acuity. They have already been dealt with in two separate chapters and will only be briefly mentioned here (see Red Eye and Decline in visual acuity).…

  • Sudden decrease in visual acuity

    Sudden decrease in visual acuity

    Before a patient complaining of decreased visual acuity (BAV) brutal interrogation has a fundamental role in the diagnostic orientation: – Intensity of visual impairment; – Brutal or progressive installation mode; – Unilateral or bilateral nature; Accompanying symptoms: pain (the eye movements), redness, foreign body sensation, photophobia, diplopia, … – Familiar ground (general pathology may be…