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  • Intracarpian ligament lesions

    Intracarpian ligament lesions

    Introduction: Eliminating a fracture is not enough to remove any doubt of seriousness after a trauma of the wrist often undermined by the practice of rugby. Indeed, a fracture – even of the scaphoid – seldom involves a potential as arthrogeneous as some intracarpian ligament lesions. The diagnosis of sprain is still too often trivialized, whereas it is etymologically a…

  • Meniscal and ligament injuries of the knee

    Meniscal and ligament injuries of the knee

    1- Meniscal lesion: The medial meniscus is involved in over 70% of cases. Originally essentially traumatic. Median time: 36 years.Vascularization meniscus decreases from the periphery to the center. The medial meniscus is C-shaped, essential during flexion-extension (with the ACL prevents the anterior tibial translation of), it is not mobile (meniscus ext. Is mobile). A- Mechanism:…