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    HISTORY: Listeria monocytogenes, type species of the genus Listeria (named after the English surgeon Lord Lister) was described in 1926 by Murray; The bacterium was isolated during an epizootic reaching rabbits and guinea pigs showed strong increase in circulating monocytes and hepatic necrosis lesions. This bacterium was then isolated from various domestic and wild animals.…

  • Meningitis clear liquid

    Meningitis clear liquid

    Predominance of PNN * Bacterial meningitis decapitated * Bacterial meningitis early * Listeriosis * Reaction to a meningeal infection site * Endocarditis Lymphocyte: Hypoglycorachie: * Tuberculosis * Listeriosis * Cryptococcosis Normoglycorachie: * Borreliosis … * Listeriosis * Brucellosis * Leptospirosis – The Listerial dreaded meningitis in immunocompromised, pregnant women, newborns and those> 60 years. Presence…