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Malnutrition aiguë sévère

Severe Acute Malnutrition

Severe acute malnutrition is due to an imbalance between food intake and needs of the individual. This is usually a deficit in both quantitative...
Diarrhée aiguë

Acute diarrhea

- Acute diarrhea is defined as the transmission of at least 3 loose stools per day for less than 2 weeks. - Clinically, there are...


- There are four subgroups of Shigella S. flexneri, S. boydii, S. sonnei and S. dysenteriae. S. dysenteriae type 1 (Sd1) is the only strain...


Anticorps antispermatozoïdes

Anti-Sperm Antibodies

Souffle cardiaque

Heart Murmur

Biopsie temporale

Temporal Biopsy