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Syndrome néphrotique chez l’enfant

Nephrotic syndrome

Introduction: The nephrotic syndrome is defined by a set of biological signs secondary to proteinuria sufficiently abundant to cause disturbances in plasma. It combines proteinuria classically...
Complications du syndrome néphrotique

Complications of nephrotic syndrome

Introduction: Nephrotic syndrome (SN) is defined as proteinuria greater than 3 g / d with hypoalbuminemia below 30 g / l. For many authors, SN is...
Syndrome néphrotique à lésions glomérulaires minimes acquis

Nephrotic syndrome with minimal acquired glomerular lesions

Introduction: The nephrotic syndrome with minimal glomerular lesions (SN-LGM) is characterized clinically by a nephrotic syndrome pure and histologically by minimal ultrastructural abnormalities consisting of...
Syndrome néphrotique

Nephrotic syndrome

- The definition is biological: • proteinuria 50 mg / kg / 24 hours in children and 3 g / 24 hours in adults • hypoalbuminemia...