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Douleur Thoracique Aigue

Acute Thoracic Pain

CLINICAL SIGNS: * suspicious signs , apart from an obvious clinical picture: - history of coronary heart disease. - pains that last for several seconds at least. - pain dependent...

Non-cancerous pain

  "Pain is a perceptive, unpleasant, multidimensional, sensory, emotional phenomenon that signals the possibility of physical harm. (Executioner) After 3 to 6 months of progression, a pain...

Chronic abdominal pain

It is abdominal pain that persists, repeats itself and become chronic outside of an emergency context. Irritable bowel or functional colopathy are the most common...

Acute abdominal pain of the child

Acute abdominal pathology in children is a common cause of admission to emergencies. Interrogation (of the child and his entourage) and a complete clinical examination...

Acute abdominal pain of the adult

Acute abdominal pain in adults is common. Their support still remains difficult today and source of error due to: - the multiplicity of etiologies: more than...
Douleurs musculaires post-effort

Post-exercise muscle pain

Introduction: Aches are frequent during the practice of physical activities and sports. They occur after intense and / or unusual eccentric muscle exercise, within 12 to...
Douleurs testiculaires

Testicular Pain

Testicular pain may be testicular irradiation or represent a usually retroperitoneal disease. Acute testicular pain should discuss first twisting of the spermatic cord, absolute...
Anatomie du pied

Foot Pain and Ankle

FOOT OSTEOARTHRITIS: All joints of the ankle and foot may have a degenerative disease. Outside of hallux rigidus, primary osteoarthritis is exceptional in the foot. Osteoarthritis...
Douleur rachidienne (lombaire, dorsale, cervicale)

Spinal Pain (lumbar, dorsal, cervical)

The diagnosis of spinal pain is particularly difficult because of the multitude of possible causes, some common to all levels of the spine, others...
Anatomie du mollet

Calf Pain

This pain is usually muscle and its mechanism may be ischemic, inflammatory, or metabolic. For understanding the pain of muscular origin, we can also...