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Métabolisme protéique

Protein metabolism

Introduction: Among the different consequences of chronic renal failure (CKD), the alteration of protein metabolism is of particular importance, the kidneys having a major role...

Serum Protein Electrophoresis

Indications: Simple and inexpensive way, this review allows to know the blood composition protide, mainly albumin and globulins. Principle: Albumin is preferentially secreted by the liver, and...

CRP (C-reactive protein)

Indications: This is to assess and diagnose through a blood test, an inflammatory condition. Principle: This protein synthesized by the liver, is present at low levels in...


Microscopie - Hyperleucocytose


Cortisol plasmatique

Plasma Cortisol

Mal de Pott

Pott’s disease

Relaxation debout

To keep fit to stand!