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Proteins have a structural role in our body (muscles, tissues, nails, etc.) or a functional role (enzymes, hormones, antibodies, transporters, receptors, etc.). They...
Métabolisme protéique

Protein metabolism

Introduction: Among the different consequences of chronic renal failure (CKD), the alteration of protein metabolism is of particular importance, the kidneys having a major role...

Serum Protein Electrophoresis

Indications: Simple and inexpensive way, this review allows to know the blood composition protide, mainly albumin and globulins. Principle: Albumin is preferentially secreted by the liver, and...

CRP (C-reactive protein)

Indications: This is to assess and diagnose through a blood test, an inflammatory condition. Principle: This protein synthesized by the liver, is present at low levels in...


Constipation chronique

Chronic constipation

Glucides, (oses)

Carbohydrates, (oses)

Douleurs cancéreuses

Cancer pains

Bloc de branche gauche complet

ECG branch block