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Manifestations rénales des maladies auto-immunes systémiques

Renal manifestations of systemic autoimmune diseases

Introduction: Systemic autoimmune diseases can have severe kidney involvement.Renal involvement may be clinically silent, but may also cause serious permanent damage that is extremely damaging...
Insuffisance rénale aiguë au cours de l’infection par le VIH

Acute renal failure during HIV infection

Generalities: Acute renal failure (ARF) is a common complication in HIV-positive patients for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).It occurs on average 4.5 years after the...
Diagnostic clinique et biologique de l’insuffisance rénale aiguë

Clinical and biological diagnosis of acute renal failure

Introduction: Acute renal failure (ARI) is defined in general terms as a sudden decrease in renal function, sufficient to lead to nitrogen waste retention and...
Physiologie rénale

Renal physiology

GLOMÉ RULES AND GLOBAL FILTRATION: Constitution of the primitive urine: Renal blood flow accounts for 20% of the cardiac output and crosses almost all the glomeruli. The...
Mesure de la fonction rénale par les méthodes radio-isotopiques

Measurement of renal function by radioisotopic methods

Introduction: Renal function: which parameter to choose? If the nature of kidney function were to be defined, it would probably be considered that the main role...
Exploration des fonctions tubulaires rénales

Exploration of renal tubular functions

Introduction: The vital role of the kidneys is intimately linked to their function in the homeostasis of the internal environment, thus protecting the cells from...
Biopsie rénale : techniques

Renal biopsy: techniques

History of renal biopsy: The kidney was one of the last full organs explored by percutaneous puncture-biopsy. For this deep organ, there was not only a...

Renal biopsy: contraindications, complications

Introduction: Renal biopsy is an essential step in the study of kidney disease. It provides indispensable histological arguments which create the basis for the nosology of...
Insuffisance rénale aiguë

Acute Renal Failure

Acute renal failure is defined by a rapid decrease (hours to 1-2 weeks) of renal function, constituting an electrolyte imbalance and acid-base brutal. classically There...

Renal Tissue recreated stem cells

Japanese researchers said they were able to develop for the first time kidney tissue from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). This is an important step...


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