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    DEFINITION: Contrary to what is often thought, the definition of diabetes has not changed, neither in design nor in its standard. We always defines diabetes by the level of hyperglycemia with a risk of specific complications: diabetic microangiopathy, and specifically diabetic retinopathy. This threshold is still set at a blood glucose above or equal to…

  • Terms Disease in Ophthalmology

    Terms Disease in Ophthalmology

    * TOXOPLASMA EYE: relapsing chorioretinitis; hyalite. Manifested by myodésopsies and decreased visual acuity. In FO, whitish home that progresses to atrophic scar 1- Multiple sclerosis: A- Neuropathy: * Visual acuity (-); retrobulbar pain; Direct RPM (-) * Review the fundus is normal (retrobulbar neuropathy) * Visual Fields: central scotoma or COECO-central * Uhthoff’s phenomenon: thermolability…