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  • Photosensitivity


    DIAGNOSIS: Questioning and well conducted clinical examination usually allow to reach the diagnosis. Dermatitis caused by light is suspected by the concept of sun exposure before the onset of lesions and topography affecting sun-exposed areas (face, forearms, chest, legs). These dermatoses may occur after intense sun exposure and / or unusual and, in some cases,…

  • Semiotics of Sensitivity

    Semiotics of Sensitivity

    1- lesions of the spinal cord: A- Syndrome cordonale post: * Paresthesia; Lhermitte’s sign (shock sensation-clenchée by flexing the neck) * Disorders discriminative sensitivity (position sense); astereognosis * Ataxic disorders B- syringomyelic Syndrome: * Responsible lesion is in the gray matter intramedullary * Achievement dissociated sensitivity on thermal and painful sensitivities and respecting the tactility…