Choc Hypovolémique

Hypovolemic Shock

BY HEMORRHAGIA: CLINICAL SIGNS: * pallor , sweat , cold extremity, mottling of the knees . * disturbance of consciousness: agitation or prostration, ...
Choc Cardiogénique

Cardiogenic shock

CLINICAL SIGNS: * sweating , pallor , cold extremities, mottling especially at the knees, recolouring time elongated> 3 seconds. * drop in blood pressure (<80 ...
Choc Anaphylactique

Anaphylactic Shock

CLINICAL SIGNS: * very rapid onset of appearance: <2 min in 95% of cases, (max: 20 min). * cutaneous signs: – diffuse urticaria, pruritus of extremities , ...
État de choc

State of Shock

Shock is an acute circulatory disorder with tissue perfusion failure, leading to cellular anoxia. It is a life-threatening emergency that requires rapid recognition and urgent symptomatic ...
État de choc

State of Shock

Acute circulatory failure leading to inadequate tissue perfusion which, if prolonged, causes irreversible damage to all organs. Mortality is high in the absence of a diagnosis and early ...
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