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  • Reconstruction of sprain after reconstruction of LCA

    Reconstruction of sprain after reconstruction of LCA

    Introduction: Anatomical reconstructions of the anterior cruciate ligament (LCA) using autografts have been used for more than 15 years to restore pivotal sports while preserving meniscal capital.Despite the reliability of the procedures performed and the precautions usually observed, a sprain recurrence is always possible. The number of LCA ligamentoplasties performed annually in France is estimated at…

  • Ankle sprain

    Ankle sprain

    1- General: A- Ligaments: It relates to the lateral collateral ligament (external) in almost all cases. A break in the year-terieur talofibular ligament (LTFA) then break the talocalcaneal ligament (LTC) and finally the posterior ligament talofibular (LTFP) in case of major trauma; these three ligaments are the lateral collateral ligament. B- Mechanism: Forced inversion of…