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Refractive Errors

1- Myopia: A- Types: - Axile myopia: the eye is too long in the anteroposterior direction; often proved at the age of 10 years; it does...

Strabismus in children

* The child has the ability to neutralize one of the two images to prevent double vision: the elimination of the phenomenon; if it...

Ocular Tumors

1- Retinoblastoma: - Characterized by its early onset (children 2 to 3 years) and bilateralism and are frequent genetic trait - The development exophytic tumors do...


* Toxoplasmosis causes in women unimmunized risk of serious embryofetopathy throughout pregnancy. Fetal damage risk is rare, but serious at the beginning of pregnancy, frequent...


Antibiotiques (dosage plasmatique)

Antibiotics (plasma assay)

Digitalis ECG