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Syphilis – Lues

* Incubation lasts about 21 days; in the absence of treatment canker healed in 3 to 6 weeks. Secondary syphilis occurs inconsistently from the...

Incubation in Infectious Diseases

1- 2-5j: - Cholera - Chancroid - Herpes (2 to 7d) - Diphtheria - The best part of bacterial infections (scarlet fever ...) 2- 10 days: - Measles - Leptospirosis (6 12j). -...

Genital Herpes

* Due to the herpes simplex virus type II in genital tropism. The in utero contamination risk is rare (when primary herpetic infection). The consequences...


Charge virale VIH

HIV viral load

Activité anti-Xa

Anti-Xa Assay

Pli oblique de l'oreille

Oblique fold of the ear

Néphrose lipoïdique

Lipoid Nephrosis