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Traumatismes du membre supérieur

Upper extremity trauma

General information: The upper limb is a polyarticulate structure whose essential function is the positioning of the hand in space to obtain a gesture most...
Traumatismes du membre inférieur

Lower limb trauma

Bone lesions of the pelvic girdle: Fractures of the pelvic girdle are common but account for only 2-3% of all fractures in public road accidents. The...
Séquelles des grands traumatismes du coude

Sequelae of major elbow trauma

Introduction: A number of questions must be asked before the management of the elbow elbows: when the initial trauma was assessed, were all the lesions...
Traumatismes psychiques chez l’enfant et l’adolescent

Psychological trauma in children and adolescents

Definitions, concept history and theoretical models: Trauma and trauma are terms initially used in medicine and surgery. A trauma is usually a break-in wound; The...
Traumatismes psychiques dans la première enfance

Psychological Trauma in Infancy

Introduction: Interest in psychotraumatic syndromes young child has developed recently, after that suffering has long been denied.The work of several teams worldwide, as well as...
Traumatisme du rachis thoraco-lombaire

Trauma thoracolumbar spine

1- Classification: Magerl classification: * Group A: only the vertebral body is achieved in general by a compression mechanism * Group B: lesions of the vertebral body...
Traumatisme du rachis cervical

Cervical spine trauma

1- Upper cervical spine: A- ATLAS (C1): * Fracture Jefferson divergent dislocation of the lateral masses. The fracture lines open the ring of the atlas, bilateral...

Eye Injuries

GLOSSARY: Hyphema: Blood Collection at the anterior chamber -> hypertension Iridodialysis: Disinsertion of the base of the iris Iridodonesis: Epicentre of the iris in the eye movements...