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Arrhythmias, Antiarrhythmic Treatment

Warning: • The use of anti-arrhythmic (AAR) requires a specialist opinion: indications, against-indications, cardiac side effects and extracardiac, surveillance. • All antiarrhythmic has pro-arrhythmic effects, negative...
Traitement anticoagulant

Anticoagulant Therapy

Warning: • Any heparin requires a platelet count check twice a week. • Early relay by vitamin K antagonists (VKA) reduces the risk of thrombocytopenia. • Thrombocytopenia...
Traitement d’une plaie simple

Treatment of a simple wound

- A simple wound is a break in the skin depth limited continuity fatty subcutaneous tissue without achieving noble tissues (muscle, bone, joint, large...

Potential treatment of anorexia nervosa

According to a study published in late 2012, anorexia nervosa and physical hyperactivity are linked by a common molecular mechanism. This discovery could help...


Fièvre Typhoïde

Typhoid Fever

Charbon cutané

Cutaneous Anthrax


Epilepsy in children

Cortisol plasmatique

Plasma Cortisol