Troubles psychiques

Psychic Troubles

Before symptoms of psychiatric pace, think about organic causes: neurological disorders can make believe psychosis, hyperthyroidism can manifest as an anxiety condition, hypoglycemia ...
Troubles du goût (dysgueusie)

Taste disorders (dysgeusia)

PHYSIOLOGICAL BASES: Taste strict sense is the sense that perceives the taste of dissolved substances in saliva. The perception of each individual flavor has a prime seat: the bitter ...
Troubles de la marche et chutes du sujet âgé

Gait disorders and falls in the elderly

INTRODUCTION: The physiological walking requires the smooth functioning of afférentiels sensory systems, vestibular, visual, peripheral nerves, muscles, and the integrity of the motor ...
Troubles des règles

Troubles monthlies

Menstrual cycle disorders are a very frequent reason for consultation, from puberty to menopause. The pathophysiological mechanisms are multiple, requiring semiological analysis cycle ...
Torsade de pointe

ECG heart rhythm disorders

1- Premature atrial: – The premature born prematurely, the P wave is different morphology of the wave normal P; – The following QRS complex is fine, except in case of branch ...
Système végétatif

Vegetative functions

1- pupillary disorders: Argyll-Robertson syndrome (syphilis): small pupils, irregular, uneven, the pupillary light reflex is abolished (direct and consensual), while the accommodation-convergence ...
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