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Fièvre typhoïde


Septicemia caused by Salmonella typhi, to start intestinal and blood spread through the lymphatic system. The contamination is direct (dirty hands) or indirect (contaminated...

Salmonella – Citrobacter

HISTORY: - In 1820, Bretonneau showed the contagiousness of typhoid fever that was called dothiénentérite. - In 1880, Eberth bacillus first observed in the organs of...

Incubation in Infectious Diseases

1- 2-5j: - Cholera - Chancroid - Herpes (2 to 7d) - Diphtheria - The best part of bacterial infections (scarlet fever ...) 2- 10 days: - Measles - Leptospirosis (6 12j). -...

Typhoid Fever

* This is a septicemic poisoning (S. enterica / Typhi) at the point of departure mesenteric lymph caused by the bacillus of Eberth. The germ...


Érysipèle bulleux


Pli oblique de l'oreille

Oblique fold of the ear

Hemorragie intraoculaire vitréenne

General Ophthalmology