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Ulcérations génitales

Genital Ulcer Disease (GUD)

Genital ulcers, defined as lesions vesicular, erosive ulcerous or genitals, single or multiple, with or without inguinal lymphadenopathy, should evoke a sexually transmitted infection. The...
Affections gastrique, de l’estomac et du duodénum

Gastric disorders, stomach and duodenum

Gastroesophageal reflux disease Clinical signs: Burning stomachache or heartburn, generally relieved by antacids; acid regurgitation (often postural: ante-bending or supine). In the absence of dysphagia (oesophageal...
Ulcère veineux de jambe

Leg ulcers

The leg ulcer is a very common pathology associated with vascular disease (arterial or venous, usually). It is defined as a loss of chronic...
Ulcérations des muqueuses buccales et génitales

Ulcerations of oral and genital mucosa

The ulcers are losses of substance reaching the middle and deep corium with a risk of scarring. The examination and clinical examination here have a...

Leg Ulcer

1- venous ulcer: * Varicose ulcer (of essential venous insufficiency) is preferential LEMENT-localized at the inner side of the leg, internal perimalleolar area (sometimes externally...