Enfants déficients visuels

Children with visual impairment

Introduction: The view occupies a special place among the senses, since 80% of the information we deal with is visual. The vision allows us to interact on our environment, which ...
Champ visuel

Visual Field

Indications: The determination of the visual field is used to diagnose glaucoma and intracranial tumors. Principle: It determines the field width seen by the patient making him secure ...
Schéma de la rétine

Visual Acuity Decrease

1- occlusion of the central artery: In the retina * Visual acuity collapsed abruptly limited to light perception * The pupil is mydriasis aréflectique. Abolition of direct RPM RPM ...
Hallucinations visuelles

Visual Hallucinations

Hallucinate is to perceive in the absence of any external stimulus. Hallucinations, usually visual or auditory, leading the patient to see or hear something that exists only for him. Visual ...
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