Tag: Zoonosis

  • Plague


    – A zoonosis caused by the Gram-negative bacillus Yersinia pestis that mainly affects wild and domestic rodents. – The transmission to humans may be indirect (flea bites) or direct (excoriated skin contact with rodents). The person transmission occurs through flea bites and by air to the lung form. – Large animal outbreaks persist in Central…

  • Leptospirosis


    – A zoonosis caused by spirochetes of the genus Leptospira, affecting many domestic and wild animals (especially rodents, mainly sewer rat). – Human contamination is indirect (contact the excoriated skin or mucous membranes with water contaminated with animal urine, when swimming, for example) and more rarely directly through contact with infected animals. Clinical signs :…

  • Brucellosis


    – A zoonosis man. Pets are most affected and are the reservoir from which humans become infected. – Contamination occurs through ingestion of infected raw milk unpasteurized and by direct contact with infected animals or objects contaminated with the favor of a skin abrasion. Direct human transmission is rare. – The germs are Gram-negative bacilli…