Donovanosis (or granuloma inguinale)

Infection with Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, found in some tropical and subtropical countries: South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, India, Brazil, Guyana, Caribbean, and more rarely, other countries of Africa and Asia.

Clinical signs:

– Lesion granulomatous burgeoning, extensive and painless external genitalia. Often ulcer bleed easily when touched.

– In the absence of treatment, extension to neighboring regions and tissue destruction.


The treatment lasts a minimum of 14 days or longer if necessary, until complete disappearance of the lesions (otherwise risk of recurrence)

azithromycin PO: 1 g the first day followed by 500 mg / once daily


doxycycline PO (cons-indicated in pregnant or lactating women): 200 mg / day in 2 divided doses or erythromycinPO: 2 g / day in 2 or 4 sockets

In patients infected with HIV, involving gentamicin IM: 3 to 6 mg / kg / day in one or two injections.


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