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Imagerie TDM de la mucoviscidose

Cystic Fibrosis

- Cystic fibrosis is the most common autosomal recessive severe genetic disease in Caucasians. - It is due to an abnormality in CFTR (it controls...
Diarrhée chronique

Chronic diarrhea

Diarrhea is a symptom which is defined in several ways, most often by the number of daily bowel movements, but also by their consistency,...
Diarrhée aiguë

Acute diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common symptom, usually indicative of a mild illness and often the cause of self-medication. Statistically, there are a case of acute diarrhea...
Diarrhée aiguë

Acute diarrhea

- Acute diarrhea is defined as the transmission of at least 3 loose stools per day for less than 2 weeks. - Clinically, there are...
Hypokaliémie - Potassium


Hypokalemia is the electrolyte disorder most frequently encountered in clinical practice, including hospital.Hypokalemia below 3.5 mmol / L was found in about 20% of...

Escherichia Coli

Isolated for the first time by Escherich in 1885, is the Escherichia coli bacterial species that has been most studied by fundamentalists for physiology...