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Troubles du comportement

Behavioral Disorders

INTRODUCTION: The psychiatric emergency bother. The patient confused, reluctant, hostile or violent, is never where it should be. The psychiatric emergency is not to succumb...
Cliché thoracique de face d’un patient atteint de maladie de Hodgkin mettant en évidence une volumineuse masse polylobée se développant dans le médiastin supérieur. Le rapport médiastino-thoracique en D5/D6 est supérieur à un tiers

Hodgkin disease (Hodgkin lymphoma)

Diagnosis: A- Definition, epidemiology, etiology: Hodgkin's disease is now considered a particular type of lymphoma, characterized by proliferation of large cells called Reed-Sternberg cells in a...
Thrombose veineuse profonde

Venous thromboembolic disease and pregnancy

1- Summary: Pregnancy is a physiological condition favoring the occurrence of venous thrombosis, and sometimes unmasking coagulopathy. Due to the presence of the fetus, suspicion of...

Urogenital Infections in Humans

Male urethritis: The definition is cytological: ≥ 10 PNN on the review of the first urine stream at a magnification of 400 and at least...

Pott’s disease

1- General: - Spinal tuberculosis is the most common location of osteoarticular tuberculosis - There are two forms: spondylitis (Pott's disease) and spondylitis (without involvement of...

Lower abdominal pain in women

Lower abdominal pain in women should be suspected pelvic inflammatory disease (see pelvic inflammatory disease). A pelvic examination should be routinely performed: - Inspection of the...



Beta blockers