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Genetic factors, drugs, age, diet and other overuse

Genetic factors: Many genetic diseases lead to particular nutritional needs, such as, for example, phenylketonuria or so-called "vitamin-dependent" diseases, such as leukinosis or...
Médicaments (DCI)

List of Drugs Mentioned in International Nonproprietary Name (INN)

with their most common trade names ABC = abacavir: Abac®, Abamune®, Ziagen® Acyclovir: Viratup®, Zovirax® ASA = acetylsalicylic acid = ASA = aspirin ascorbic acid = vitamin C:...

Drugs During Pregnancy

* Aminoglycosides: can be used for periods of less than a week for serious infection * NSAIDs: to be used in case of severe birth...


Viral hepatitis


Urinary tract infection

Fièvre Typhoïde

Typhoid Fever