• Preterm & IUGR

    Preterm & IUGR

    * Prematurity is defined by the birth of a child before 37 SA gone. Extreme prematurity is defined by the birth of a baby before 32 weeks. * Risk situations: Primiparity; multiparity ≥ 4; age <18 or> 35 years; unwanted pregnancy; Adverse SCE; poor working condition and transport. * Intrauterine growth restriction or IUGR is…

  • Rubella


    * Primary infection in the first 4 months (16 SA) pregnancy poses a risk of serious embryofœtopathies after this period the risk of teratogenicity is zero. The risk of fetopathy is maximal between 15 and 20 SA (intrauterine growth retardation “IUGR,” mental retardation, cataracts …). * During pregnancy the rubella serology is systematic and must…