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  • Rashes during pregnancy

    Rashes during pregnancy

    DIAGNOSIS: The changes, physiological or pathological, skin eruptions during pregnancy are common. They can be ignored by the patient. Source of anxiety, they are a common reason for consultation. The GP is here on the front line. He returned it to recognize cutaneous symptoms, classify in physiological events or otherwise in the specific dermatoses of…

  • Pigmented tumors

    Pigmented tumors

    The main fear of the patient and the practitioner to a pigmented tumor is that of a melanoma. Black tumors can be of origin: – Non-melanocytic: thrombosed angiomas, basal cell carcinoma, histiocytofibroma, actinic keratosis; – Melanocytic: nevi, melanoma, lentigo, freckles. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek expert advice. Best melanoma screening examination is…